After my College graduation back in 2004 I was eager to pursue a banking career. My Bachelors degree in Finance and Management led me to look into finance jobs. I admired bankers for their professionalism and public image. The profession was appealing but I lacked experience. Luckily I was able to land my fist job in Retail Banking shorty after graduation based on my degree. As a new graduate I had certain aspirations of what I wanted to be. To my disappointment the position I aimed for was not available so I assumed the role of a Bank Teller instead. Dedication and hard work allowed me to advance in my aspired career to a Bank Manager.

Customer Service is what I do best. It's all I know. Building long term relationships with my clients and emotionally connecting with them is what I enjoy the most. However, my job as a banker is very routine. It's practically the same routine every single day and not much has changed all these years. I needed something more.

I lived for travel and photography. I would photograph everything and anything that caught my eye. It became a passion, something I looked forward to. Taking my own personal pictures and capturing my memories became a daily thing. My inner circle of friends knew my passion and obsession with photography and in 2014 I was asked to photograph an Engagement Session for a dear friend. I have just purchased a new professional camera and was super excited to capture all her special moments with her husband to be. We met up in DUMBO and the rest is history. She doesn't know it but she was the key. The one who helped me connect the dots and realize my dreams of becoming a "Professional Photographer". I owe her big!