Meet Tobie!

My Blue Siberian fur baby and a devoted companion for the last 12 years.

I guess at some point in your life you have ask yourself: What do I value the most in life? What brings me happiness? What gives me that fuzzy, warm, loving feeling? Family, of course, should be the answer. For some family includes your parents, siblings, significant others and children. For others family means all members previously mentioned and of course pets. Sometimes your "furry companions" fill the void of children. Tobie does just that for me!

There's no denying it! His looks are breathtaking and he is the most affectionate fur ball. When it comes to personality he sure has one! He's intelligent, friendly and playful. His sweet facial expression melts my heart. He has always been there for our little family through all of our ups and downs. He was present when we celebrated big occasions (our Wedding & Anniversaries) and achievements (landing our career jobs). He has showed us what unconditional love is. He is always available for cuddles to lift my spirits when necessary and can sit staring at you for an hour at a time when he needs your attention with his low pitch chirps and trills (not meows),

As every photographer knows all too well the aftermath of any Photo Session or Event can be a tedious and time consuming process. We spend endless hours editing and perfecting our work. On average it takes approximately 20+ hours editing after any event, especially a Wedding. Yes, my work brings me joy and also causes me physical pain (aka back pain & eye strain) but Tobie is always there to my rescue. When I lose track of time he reminds me it's time for "a break" by chirping at me for attention when he thinks I have spent too much time focused on my computer and not him lol. He'll toss his toy around or sit on the TV stand blocking my view. Just like he is doing right now!

It's the little things that make me laugh and love him even more. I cherish our time together and draw inspiration from his energy and good vibes. And when life knocks me down I know I can always count on him to come lay next to you and give me the comfort that I so badly need at that moment and that is priceless!