Why I Rebranded My Photography Business

Trisha Jay Photography

formerly known as

Jay Designs Photography

Hey friends!!! Welcome to the all new Trisha Jay Photography!  Cue the balloons, throw the confetti, and release the doves because, this is SO EXCITING!!! The next step in this grand photography adventure is HERE!

If you’ve been following me on Social Media for the last few years, you know that I’ve been photographing families and couples since fall of 2014.  Somehow over a thousand beautiful people have allowed me to be their photographer, and I couldn’t be more honored to have worked with every one of them! What began as Jay Designs Photography – a brand new venture by two sisters who were very passionate about photography with a $700 basic camera – is now a growing business that has allowed me to invest in education, have a line up of professional equipment, and reach towards my dreams.

I couldn’t be happier about all of these changes that have taken place!

My equipment. My style. My services. And now my name! I’m so excited that Jay Designs Photography is now rebranded as Trisha Jay Photography!

It’s a huge step, and it’s just the beginning!

Why did I decide to rebrand? 

There have been a lot of big things happening in my business this past year, that have brought tons of changes! The idea of rebranding was a quick one. It just came out of nowhere. I am just spontaneous like that! (hehe) But before I made my final decision I struggled a bit in deciding whether to go through with it or not. I discussed with my family and close friends and I thought about it some more before it hit me! “YOU’VE GOT TO DO THIS” said my inner voice. It just felt like it was in alignment with who I am right now. And when it came down to it, there were 4 clear indicators driving me towards this decision. 

 1. My photography style has evolved and changed.

I always loved vibrant photos. So that’s how I shot. But as my work began to grow, I started to be drawn to photos that were brighter, lighter, and airy with a focus on Film Photography & timeless imagery .

I was coming closer to my "ideal style", one I worked towards my entire career as a photographer. There is a distinct difference in my then, and now style. It's as though my brand was reborn and reinvented. 

 2. I started reaching a different type of clients.

I was pursuing wedding photography when I first began my journey, but in the last year I fell completely in love with weddings. The love. The beauty. The joy.  My goal shifted towards becoming the ultimate "Storyteller". Dreamy venues, luxe, chateau-style estates, elegance and romantic gardens became my goal & reality. I also focused on connecting with my clients on a personal level, spending quality time with my couples and sharing their precious moments the best way I know how. When I knew that my business was pivoting in this direction, I knew rebranding would be on the top of my list. 

3. My business name was no longer a reflection of me.

This one is completely subjective, because there was nothing wrong with the name I started out with. When we started off as the "sister duo" we initially named our business with our last name in mind "jay" & our creative mindset "designs" and honestly it was so fitting! We were a team and our name reflected that. But here’s the thing…my sis moved away 5 years ago and I was not sure if I would be able to continue solo. Despite many doubts I decided to continue pursuing my passion as a photographer under the same name we both chose initially. It wasn’t until I began to hone my style and refine my vision, that I realized – 'HEY. This isn’t who I am anymore. It's time to turn the page and begin a new chapter. This name paved the way for me, but I want to be a little more personal with my clients and audience'. And I felt that choosing a name that was true to ME would make all of that happen!



4. I was ready to become a brand, and not just a business.

A company’s brand – the name, the colors, the “face” of their business – will 100% affect how people are going to perceive them. A potential client will look at the work they offer, but it’s their branding that tells them who they are. And for me? I noticed so much growth in my style, approach and way of business that I stopped recognizing my own brand. It was too broad. I was way past it! And if my work was going to be memorable, it had to be presented under a name that is fitting to who I am, personable and recognizable, because I am the face of my brand and my brand is WHO I am, literally. I needed to stop being just a business and take every aspect of what I did…from the gifts I was giving my clients to where I was placing any links to my Instagram page....and make it something that was 100% true to ME. 

So my style had changed. My clients were different. My business name wasn’t “me” anymore. And I needed to change how potential clients were perceiving me.

With all of this in mind, I made the decision to rebrand…and I can say so far that I have been 100% thrilled with the decision! Not only do I have a revamped website and a new name, but a whole new look…and so much joy in my business that makes me excited to do what I love every day! I’m so excited for this next chapter, and I am so thankful for the sweet clients who are making all of this possible!

There are SO many exciting things to come! and I’m saving you a front row seat.


Trisha Jay